All About Cap'n Dade

Name: Dade Wesley Bell

Age: 35

Hi!  My name is Dade Bell.  I've been doing CGI for almost twenty years starting on an Atari ST in 1989 and working on Macintosh since 1994 (although my Mac experience goes back to 1987).  My specialty is 3D and I'm capable of modelling, texturing, and animation.  I'm also proficient in layout, retouching, post production and editing (linear and non-linear).  I hold an A.S. in Video Arts and Sciences and graduated from Orlando College in 1994.

My computer art isn't restricted to the realm of 3D as I create the instructions for Admiralty Model Works' high quality line of scale models and have created packaging artwork as well.

Continuing my association with scale modeling, I'm a builder of museum quality models who has won awards at AMPS, Modelpalooza, and various IPMS shows. I have sold some of my models to collectors and will also build a model on commission if I find the project interesting. As a side project, I occasionally produce a custom toy or piece of pop art that I sell under my Mr. Excitement name.

I'm probably most known for my History With Dade animation shorts and my mechanical design work. Because of my style in these areas, I seem to be more known in Japan than in the US. ;-) I've recently completed a small series of opening title bumpers for Hobby Link Japan's series of web videos.

My mechanical design work has been published in Animerica and I won Animerica's Mecha Design Challenge (1998) in the category of Crusoe Da Yo! as judged by Mr. Akihiko Yamashita, animation director and character designer of the anime OVA series Giant Robo.  I also produced the audience favorite short Dis Wars for Anime Weekend Atlanta 1997.  I have also won numerous awards for my scale modelling.  In 1999, I was awarded Best CGI Design in Animerica's Mecha Design Challenge.  This was judged by Mr. Shinji Aramaki, mecha designer of Bubblegum Crisis, Bubblegum Crash, and Gatsuraki. Most recently came the award for "Most Actualizable" in the 2000 Animerica Mecha Design Challenge, This was judged by Mr. Mahiro Maeda, director of Blue Submarine #6.

My hobbies include military history, anime (I grew up around true original Japanese language anime since I was little), cars, graphics, movies, reading (I like non-fiction military history, sci-fi and some westerns), scale modeling, video gaming (mostly strategy), comics, and basically art in general.

If you'd like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me at

Here are some photos of myself and my girlfriend, Jackie (I'll update with some other photos eventually)

Here is a photo album of my parents. My father has survived a heart attack and cancer, and these ordeals have made me want to put up a small album to commemorate their lives when they were young and were bikers. My dearest wonderful mother passed away in January of 2005. Her loss to cancer is something I'll never quite get over and I miss her so much. My parents mean a lot to me, so I'm glad to post this little testament to their lives.


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