This page is dedicated to custom versions of Zoids. Zoids are models created by Tomy that depict combat mecha in animal shapes. There is also a very well done anime and manga based on Zoids. My custom Zoids and web comics are created to exist about 20 years before the events of Zoids: Chaotic Century.

Overall ZOIDS Gallery

Individual Models & Pilot Dossiers

EZ-RM-1X Royal Spiner

RZ-007-D Desert Scimitar Liger

EZ-017-PK-0D Iguan Prozen Knight Zero Diver

EZ-023-ZXXX Seraphim Cat

RZ-030-D Gun Sniper Desert Custom

RZ-039-T Raynos "Tallyessen" (Lady Blood Special)

EZ-040 War Shark "Captain Action Special"

EZ-049-000 Scarlet Fury

MZ-I Mordu Gun Platform

RZ-062-D+ Super Saberlion Desert Custom

RZ-BF-A(D) Bear Fighter Artillery Desert Type

Web Comics

Zoids: Conflict of Memory Prologue

Zoids: Conflict of Memory #1

Zoids: Conflict of Memory Liner Notes

Captain Action #1

Zoids Original Art Gallery


This is my small list of Zoids sites- I'll add more as time goes on. For a much more extensive list, check out JW's links at the Channel Zi site below:

Major Kong ZoidFans ElektroGigante (J) Zoids Fan World
Channel Zi Zoids In Black Zi Craft Union (J) Zoids Evolution
Jeroen's Expanded Zoids Gojulas' Lair Wiza Kun & smile HP (J)
Zee Wakusei Zoids Q 'n' A Tomy's Official Zoids Site (Japanese)
Ironwing Zoid Wars Zoids Town (J)
Creative Insanity (Tilly's Site) Kamisama (J)

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