EZ-040 War Shark

"Captain Action Special"

During the various campaigns carried out in the desert regions of planert Zi, both the Republic and Empire have fielded various Zoids suited to operating in extremely hot and treacherous environments. Many of these rolling testbeds are one of a kind customs established to research a specific technology. If successful, that technology is then refined and slowly adapted into wider production numbers.

In the desert campaign where various experimental Zoids were fielded, this War Shark is essentially stock. The only modifications are an improved cooling system and a slightly higher booster output. Equipment built for water are sometimes very well suited to desert combat due to improved sealing of crucial components from the elements. This particular War Shark, the "Captain Action Special" has worked out very well. Despite being utilized in a desert environment, the pilot simply refuses to switch to desert colors...

Ensign Sam "Captain Action" Stokes

Age: 23

Even though he is an ensign in the Imperial Navy, Sam Stokes is the self-proclaimed Captain Action. Despite numerous reprimands and punishment, he simply refuses to remove his captain's bars, explaining, "'Ensign Action' sounds like the name of a sidekick..." The "dashing super hero of the Empire" (his mother's words) grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere. He always fantasized of the romance of being a heroic Zoid pilot and when he was old enough, he kissed his mother goodbye and went to the recruiter's office.

Even though he longed to pilot a regal Zaber Fang, he ended up in the Imperial Navy as a War Shark pilot. Despite being the "fish out of water" as it were, Sam actually displayed great skill with wins that were non-lethal to the enemy. And as he began racking up those wins, he truly became what he always longed to be, an ace pilot.

Sam has always lived an ethical life and can be counted on to do the right thing. He has been known to save enemy pilots from drowning. It was his rescue of a group of children on a capsized ferry boat, where he gained his "super hero" name. After unloading the last child to safety, all of the kids began to happily yell out that Sam was a "captain" (they refused to believe he was anything less) of good actions. The name stuck and as local newspapers and colleagues began calling him "Captain Action", Sam knew he had arrived.

Fully engrossing himself in living up to all of the hype, Captain Action has continued to further his abilities, and makes it a point to answer all of his fan mail himself. His country charm and insistence on being called "Captain Action" have made him both endearing and annoying to his colleagues (even more so after he was put on an Imperial Navy recruitment poster) and superiors.

When the Imperial Experimental Desert Platoon was assembled, Captain Action's superiors made sure he was a part of it. It didn't matter that he was a navy pilot and didn't have a heavily modified Zoid. They just wanted him out of their hair. After cashing in on some debts with Regent Prozen, they got their wish and Captain Action was on his way to the desert.

Time will tell as to how the captain deals with this, but he's already begun to think of himself as a "desert corsair" (whatever that means), so who knows. One thing is for sure, he'll never make it beyond ensign as long as he keeps posing as a superior officer...



Testors paints were used over a grey primer along with a wash made from The Detailer and flat coated with Testors lacquer. Approximate construction time: 5 hours.

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