EZ-023-ZXXX Seraphim Cat

A remnant of the Zenebas Empire, the Seraphim Cat is beyond the current knowledge of Guylos scientists. As such, there is only one known to exist, thus the "XXX" designation. Records show that when the Zenebas Empire fell, Klaus Rhinehart emigrated to the Guylos Empire and offered the services of himself and his personal Zoid, the Seraphim Cat. The Zoid will not function if anyone but Rhinehart pilots it. In fact, the cockpit won't even open without Rhinehart's touch.

When looking at the capabilities of the Seraphim Cat, all knowledge of the EZ-023 Hel Cat has to be thrown out the window. This Zoid is much more flexible, fast, armed, and armored than a Hel Cat. It can twist its body into numerous contortions to suit any type of terrain and has long, powerful claws used for climbing and ripping into prey. While not necessarily fast in a run, its reflexes are otherworldly. The whole Zoid seems to give off an odd glow when in action and when it strikes, it's invisible to the human eye.

Weapons include a giant blade mounted on a pivot on the spine that allows for a wealth of slicing motions. The "Sera-Cat" can spin into a ball up and use the blade on its back to cut into other Zoids. The tail houses a beam spray gun used to lay down suppressing fire while making an escape. Or, the gun can be fired while in the afforementioned ball attack to add extra damage.

But it's the Aimed Plasma Cannons (APC) that truly make the Sera-Cat a terror on the battlefield. Mounted on the shoulder and abdomen areas respectively, are five highly focused plasma cannons. The guns shoot straight up, but the Sera-Cat has the ability to polarize particles in the air to make the plasma streams turn and hit designated targets. Up to ten different targets can be hit at once, or all the streams can be focused on one target. While similar to the guns on certain Dibisions, this weapon has the distinction of actually being able to fire along curves or around corners. It's an extremely powerful wepon to be mounted on such a small Zoid, but the Sera-Cat's internals can't be opened up to see what makes it work, so maybe some future date will reveal all. Naturally, something like this causes a lot of heat, thus the two giant heat sinks located on the Sera-Cat's back. At the front of the heat sinks are the silver pods that handle targeting duties. Perhaps because of their incredible importance, these units are the most heavily armored pieces on the Zoid.

Add stealth ability and the perfect pilot to an already impressive mix, and you have a Zoid that has no known weaknesses...

Major Klaus Rhinehart

Age: unknown

Called "The Phantom of Zenebas", not much is known about this ace Zoid pilot who came to Guylos after the fall of the Zenebas Empire. His odd appearance befits his barely visible life style. Many assasinations and high level covert operations have been attributed to him acting by himself while under orders from very shadowy individuals. He is not a team player. Rhinehart has such a frighteningly high kill ratio, that he is only utilized for extremely important operations.

Many reliable sources say that he is a personal friend of Prime Minister Prozen, but for some reason, he's not a Prozen Knight. Considering the sheer murderours power that the team of Rhinehart and the Seraphim Cat are able to generate, this lack of status is very odd.

Everybody keeps EMailing me about more modelling specifics, so here goes:

Model Notes: The original Hel Cat body was sawed in half and all outside mounting spots were removed. The interior was also smoothed. The APCs are metal gromets. The "helmet" mounting was removed so that it could sit lower on the head, resulting in the low profile. The head is mounted on a movable neck that attaches to the same Blox as the spine and front legs. The spine is made of Blox, and the legs were also sourced from Blox. The tail gun is scratchbuilt. The back blade and APC target pods/ heat sinks are Gundam parts.

Model Master Light Ivory was used for the main color. All decals were sourced from various models, except for the Imperial insignia (naturally). Testors dull coat lacquer was used as a sealer, followed up by a wash made from Testors tan. All metal is either Testors silver or aluminum with a wash of The Detailer black for weathering and on vents. All black parts are Model Master black acrylic. All was sealed again with dull coat. Approximate construction time: 55 hours.

This Zoid was entered in the Custom Blox Contest over at the Zi Craft Union.

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