EZ-049-000 Scarlet Fury

Found inside of a crashed meteorite, this Zoid is truly an enigma to Imperial specialists on the scene. Nobody has ever heard of such a Zoid and its level of technology is far beyond any currently known type of Zoid. Strangely, it carries markings of the Empire, but there is most definitely nothing like this in the Imperial Registry.

According to the girl found with this Zoid, it's called "Scarlet Fury" although she can remember nothing else of the Zoid's particulars. Entrance to the cockpit is impossible. Despite speculation that the strange girl could open it, it stays shut. Preliminary inspection shows that this Zoid seems capable of activating an E shield similar to a Shield Liger's but much more powerful. Thanks to thrusters located on its legs and back, it must be capable of prolonged ground hovering or flight. The Scarlet Fury carries a heavy beam rifle on its right thigh estimated to be incredibly destructive. It has two beam cannons on its back that are similar to existing weapons, but what kind of firepower they have remains to be seen. Each shoulder has two smoke dischargers and two grenade launchers. Finally, and most worrisome of all, is the presence of what appears to be an ion cannon in the mouth. Even conservative estimates put this weapon in a class of power unimagined.

If the secrets to the Scarlet Fury can be solved and this Zoid can be fielded in the Imperial Army, victory for the Empire is assured.

Katrina Alarice

Age: unknown

This strange girl was found in a sealed container near the Scarlet Fury. She has no memory of anything accept for her name and the name of the Zoid she was found with. She wears some type of Imperial clothing, but no one has ever seen this type of uniform before. Certain markings on her uniform seem to indicate some type of royalty, but this is highly unlikely.

Until she can be flown to the Imperial capital for closer observation, Katrina is being treated as an honored guest while being supervised by Field Marshall Ritter's personal doctor. With any luck, her memory will return soon before she's turned over to Prime Minister Prozen's "specialists"...

Model Master Guards Red was used for the armor and Humbrol Gun Metal for the endoskeleton were used over a grey primer along with a wash made from The Detailer and flat coated with Testors lacquer. Approximate construction time: 25 hours.

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