EZ-RM-1X Royal Spiner

(E)mpire (Z)oid- (R)oyal (M)ount- Type (1) E(x)perimental. This one of a kind Zoid was developed specifically for His August Majesty, Emperor Zeppelin's personal use. It was created from a Zoid core with classified origins and bred into a Zoid very much ahead of its time. Imperial scientists aren't even sure if if they can develop another Royal Spiner, its design is so radical and is literally a lucky mistake.

The Royal Spiner's armor is completely impenetrable to anything less than a medium Zoid's weaponry, and even at that rate, it is quite sturdy. Imperial scientists armed the Royal Spiner with some of the most powerful weaponry yet fielded on a Zoid. Specifically, two Hyper Velocity Plasma Cannons. These weapons draw power from the immense ouput generated by the Royal Spiner's Zoid core and can hurtle a plasma shot at speeds approaching standard high power beam weapons. With this, the Royal Spiner benefits from all of the rewards of a plasma weapon and none of the drawbacks such as a relatively slow velocity. Each cannon has a standard beam cannon on either side capable of obliterating any light Zoid's armor in one shot. All four guns can be fired at once to deal a devastating blow to even heavy Zoids.

The Royal Spiner has been augmented to include light weaponry on either thigh. On its right thigh, it carries a gun very similar to the standard armament of a Molga. This weapon has the benefit of an intercooling device, thus enhancing the available firing time before overheating. The Royal Spiner's left thigh is home to a gun very similar to that carried by Republic Zoids. It has a good penetrating power and an excellent velocity combined with a scattering device. This effectively makes the weapon a "beam sprayer" useful for blanketing an area with withering fire. For reliable killng power, the Royal Spiner has been equipped with a double barrel buster cannon on its chest. This weapon only has ten effective shots, but each shot is capable of bringing down anything the size of a Gojulas. To protect the Royal Spiner's tail, it has been fitted with two rear-facing double barrel beam guns. Anyone trying to dishonor the Emperor by attacking from behind is in for a surprise. These weopons are more than capable of destroying a backstabbing pilot in a small Zoid and will give the Emperor enough time to bring his more powerful weaopns to bear on anyone piloting a larger Zoid.

The final weapon in the Royal Spiner's impressive arsenal is its jamming array. The eight blades that make up the Royal Spiner's spine fin are constantly drawing ions from the air around the Zoid to keep its high powered Zoid core going. But the Royal Spiner can also use this device offensively by essentially scattering ion fields of attacking beam weapons or jamming enemies' E-Shields. The one drawback to this is that the Royal Spiner can't bring its own wepons to bear at this time. But since the Zoid is terrifyingly efficient in melee combat, the Emperor can use this time to tear his opponents apart with the Royal Spiner's dagger-like teeth and fangs. Naturally, this attack doesn't work against kinetic weaponry, but the Royal Spiner doesn't necessarily need to rely on this attack for victory, thanks to its other incredible strengths. Of course, this type of weapon generates a lot of heat, so the Royal Spiner has been built with vents on the tail and two large heat sinks at the base of the tail. With this overabundance of cooling, the Royal Spiner actually runs cooler than most small Zoids. Imperial scientists are trying to develop a way of making this weapon jam magnetic waves to play havoc with the control systems of enemey Zoids. If perfected, the Royal Spiner would certainly be the apex of the battlefield and mass production would assure Imperial dominance.

With the Royal Spiner, the Empire's best minds have produced a Zoid truly worthy of the Emperor. It is a mount that is practically invincible and will surely conquer all it faces. The Emperor has decreed that Field Marshal Oskar Ritter will take the Royal Spiner into battle in the Mordu campaign. His majesty looks forward to the reports of what this Zoid is capable of in the hands of one of the best pilots on planet Zi.

Field Marshal Oskar Ritter

Age: 42

The childhood friend of His Royal Majesty Emperor Zeppelin, Field Marshall Ritter grew up in privileged settings and is a true gentleman officer. In many ways Ritter and the three-year younger Emperor are like brothers, with Ritter being the responsible "big brother" to the wreckless Zeppelin. The fact that Emperor Zeppelin confides in Ritter more than his advisors causes no end of annoyance to Prime Minister Prozen, but nothing can be done to change the situation.

Ritter's skill at piloting Zoids is nothing less than extraordinary and he is often referred to as "The Emperor's Champion". While a noble upbringing carries privileges, it can't be denied that Ritter is a military genius and a natural pilot. There are few better on the entirety of Zi. It is Ritter's incredible skill and way of leading by example that endears him to officers and common soldiers alike.

Despite his being born into nobility, Ritter has been stripped of all noble titles. This is due to an illicit affair he had with a visiting Republic dignitary almost twenty years prior. Details are sketchy and there is only gossip as to the nature of events. Even the Emperor couldn't save Ritter's removal of nobility, but he has made sure that loss of nobility is all that Ritter has suffered, ignoring Prozen's calls for further punishment.

Field Marshall Ritter has been assigned by the Emperor himself to lead the Imperial Expeditionary Force into the Mordu Campaign. Due to the odd nature of the circumstances surrounding the campaign, the Emperor wants someone who he has the utmost faith in to lead Imperial Forces. As such, he has assigned his personal Zoid, the Royal Spiner for Ritter's use. This is so the Emperor can be assured of his close friend's safe return. During his absence, Field Marshall Ritter has assigned his three most trusted young officers to guard the Emperor...

Model Notes: Main color is Model Master kiln red metallic. Black is Model Master black acrylic. Silver is Model Master chrome silver. Main guns sourced from two Comman Wolf Irvines.

Approximate construction time: 55 hours (mostly due to paint)

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