EZ-017-PK-0D Iguan Prozen Knight Zero Diver

Bred specifically for the Prozen Knight Desert Wind unit, the Zero Diver type of Iguan's level of rarity (only six) is surpassed only by its level of killing power. Development began almost immediately after Gunther Prozen's personal cadre of knights was formed. Putting together some of the most brilliant (some would say disturbed) minds in Zoid research, the most elite in desert combat of the Prozen Knights were soon equipped with this disturbing Zoid. Even a cursory glance seems to give credibility to the rumor that Prozen's scientists combined human and Zoid DNA to create this monstrous new Iguan. It's said that when Prozen requested a Zoid group from Emperor Zeppelin II to develop new Zoids from, the Emperor gave him Iguans so that he couldn't "get in too much trouble" with them. Looking at the Zero Diver, it would seem that the Emperor's plan backfired. Some say that the legendary Death Saurer is merely an evolved Iguan. With that in mind, the prospects become all the more frightening.

While there are other, more famous units of the Prozen Knights, the Desert Wind is undoubtedly a seriously dangerous unit, largely because barely anything is known of it except for one bloody engament. The Zero Diver was made specifically for this unit of crack desert storm troopers and it's a perfect fit. The Zero Diver's large human type hands are perfect for carrying a variety of weapons- a great asset for missions deep behind enemy lines where making use of whatever is available is a must. The Zero Diver also has highly mobile legs that enable the Zoid to run and jump at incredibly high speeds. It is also one of the few Zoids to have a flexible spine, thus giving it the ability to grapple with almost any opponent.

Adding to the standard Iguan weaponry of six 20mm guns, the Zero Diver also has two Ram Busters on its chest. These two single shot weapons are absolutely devastating. The shell that the weapon fires sends a powerful surge through the target Zoid's body that shatters the Zoid core and ruptures the pilot's brain. There has been talk from the Republic and Empire about banning the use of such a weapon, but it's not likely that Prozen will follow any such rules.

Complementing the bodily mounted weapons are a light bazooka, a 50mm machine gun, and a heavy knife for close quarters combat. While different weapons and upgrades are available for this highly adaptable Zoid, these are the standard items. All standard weapons can be stored on the Zero Diver's back to keep the hands free.

In closing, if just one of these Zoids is spotted on the battlefield, a withdrawl is highly recommended- whether Republic or Empire. No Zero Diver travels alone and the Desert Wind has six members. There is only one known engagement that the Desert Wind has participated in. In that engagement, 20 Godos, 10 Shield Ligers, and 10 Command Wolves were completely dismembered. There were no human survivors. The only confirmation of the Desert Wind's participation was footage found in a camera that seems to have been left behind on purpose. Viewing the Zero Diver's viciousness combined with the Desert Wind's tactics, made more than one hardened Republic general nauseous...

Kassandra Gheist

Age: 25

No one outside of the Gunther Prozens' inner circle knows anything about this mysterious woman. She has been seen in Prozen's company on more than one occasion at palace functions, and other high level gatherings. The only confirmed fact is that she is the commanding officer of the Desert Wind unit of the Prozen Knights. How many kills she has achieved and what kind of pilot she is are all up for speculation.

Of all the rumors that have spiralled around her, two seem to be repeated the most. She is Gunther Prozen's lover with an appetite for particularly perverted sexual acts. And yet she has a deep abiding hatred for Prozen. The duality of these rumors is compelling and it's unlikely that anyone will ever know how much of either rumors, if any, are true.

Model Notes: Main color is Humbrol desert yellow. Black is Model Master flat black acrylic. Toes are Model Master chrome silver. Other metal is Model Master steel. Black wash is The Detailer black. Knife sheath is scratchbuilt. Arms, legs, and hands are mixed and matched from various Gundam kits to best approximate "Iguan stance". Feet are stock Iguan feet modified to work with legs. Other parts are Blox.

Approximate construction time: 45 hours

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