RZ-039-T Raynos "Tallyessen" (Lady Blood Special)

The Tallyessen is a one of a kind Raynos built for arms fortune heiress, Lady Blood. Its distinguishing characteristics are its high speed turning and vertical flight abilities combined with a more powerful punch in forward facing weaponry. The improved flight abilities stem from the mounting of two large nozzles capable of vectoring thrust in a multitude of directions, allowing the Tallyessen to achieve an almost 360 degree sphere of movement on its central axis. This gives the Tallyessen the ability to acquisition and stay with almost any target type on the battlefield, ground or air. While able to keep up with other targets, the Tallyessen is itself, a hard target to keep in sight thanks to its maneuverability. On the rare occasion that the Tallyessen is acquisitioned in an enemy's sights, it can make use of four rockets mounted on the tail. Two rockets face back and two face to each side. With a quick boost from any of these rockets, the Tallyessen can achieve a quick jump forward or to either side. Thanks to these rockets being mounted on the already movable tail, their sphere of motion is even more pronounced. These amazing turning abilities come at a price to the Tallyessen's straight line speed which drops significantly from a standard Raynos' Mach 3.3 to Mach 1.2. The only limit to the Tallyessen's maneuverability in itself is how much stress the pilot's body can take from such extreme G forces.

Although lacking the rear facing weaponry of a standard Raynos, the Tallyessen carries more than enough forward firepower. The three 30mm cannons have been replaced with a 20mm vulcan, that while carrying smaller ammunition, flies at a much higher muzzle velocity, allowing for longer range shooting. The smaller ammunition also allows more of it to be carried and the nature of a means the entire amount of ammunition can be fired without the barrel overheating. This lower punch, higher range weapon works in tandem with two medium range 40mm cannons capable of shattering the armor of many small Zoids and weakening some larger types as well. Finally, the Tallyessen carries two medium range heat seeking missiles for situations when the kinetic weapons won't do. To aid in pilot safety during attack runs, the clear canopy has been replaced with a screen type canopy with armor plating, thereby heightening pilot survivability. Finally, the standard Raynos legs have been replaced with longer, lighter legs using an experimental type of armor. These legs give the Tallyessen more ground clearance for its nozzles when landing and also allow its talons to be used in more ways for melee combat.

Overall, the RZ-039-T makes a splendid attack platform. While not necessarily suited to air superiority, its quick maneuverabilty and powerful weapons make it a worthy adversary in the hands of the right pilot.

Lady Alexandra Blood

Age: 27

Alexandra Blood is the sole heiress to the fortune amassed by the founder of one of the Republic's largest arms manufacturers, Blood Enterprises. B.E. specializes in building weaponry for aerial Zoids and their experience with the Raynos and Pteras types is well known. It is this comfortable relationship with these types of Zoids and the Republic government that allows a private citizen like Lady Blood to own a battle Zoid in the Republic capital.

As for Lady Blood herself, she was once the toast of the more decadent areas of Zi when she was a debutante at 16. Known for throwing large, theatric parties, she was also known for having a ribald sense of humor and for constantly teasing men young and old with her stunning good looks. She turned down numerous advances and marriage proposals believing that there would always be a line of suitors worshipping her and she could pick someone at her leisure.

Unfortunately, this self glorification started to wear thin in society circles and Lady Blood suddenly found herself shunned by those who once loved her dearly. Her looks have faded since her debut at 16 and now, 11 years later, she has been all but forgotten by the fashion followers and photographers who used to follow her every trend. Now, Lady Blood is considered simply a "handsome woman", a term that she abhores.

Having always been around flight Zoids since a small age, she is quite a capable pilot. In fact, she has won numerous accolades as being one of the premiere female aerial Zoid pilots. Her options on the society front having dried up, Lady Blood decided to pursue a life of combat and flying, honing her skills in her personal Raynos, Tallyessen. She's been known to singlehandedly save towns that have been troubled by bandits and pirates just to keep her skills sharp. She's also engaged many Imperial Zoids in border skirmishes, much to the chagrin of the Republic government. If it wasn't for the fact the her company keeps the Republic's aerial Zoids armed, she would have been jailed long ago.

The point behind all of these actions is that Lady Blood has decided that if flying is the only way she'll be noticed, then that is what she will do to find a man worthy of bedding her and marrying her. Naturally, few who fight against her are really interested in this "honor" that she would bestow them, but it doesn't matter because none have beaten her. This has made Lady Blood rather desperate to find a pilot "worthy" of her. But the fact remains that it's unlikely she'll find any aces in border scuffles and bandit fights.

There is a glimmer of hope, however. Lady Blood has heard news of an Imperial ace called Captain Action who swears by a gentlemanly code of conduct in combat and is admired far and wide for his skill and chivalrous demeanor. Lady Blood feels that this man is her best hope for finding a worthy husband and has focused completely on finding out if he will be worthy of making her his wife... or if he will be yet another disappointment on the battlefield of love.

Model Notes: Leg joints sourced from Lego Bionicle. All rocket nozzles sourced from Gundam. Humbrol light gray, Humbrol Polish crimson, Model Master chrome silver. All covered with a wash of The Detailer black and Testors dull coat lacquer. Yes, it can still walk. Approximate construction time: 15 hours.

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