MZ-I Mordu Gun Platform

This bizarre creature is the primary Zoid utilized by the island nation of Mordu. Few things are known about this strange subject other than the fact that its Zoid Core seems to act only in the capacity to fire the four plasma artillery cannons mounted on the hull. There are two long range and two short range cannons staggered in placement so as to maximize the Zoid's firing arc. This Zoid Core can also generate an E-Shield not unlike that of a shield liger, thereby increasing the Gun Platform's battlefield survivability.

Movement is achieved by the use of steam and the Gun Platform's reinforced hull serves not only to protect the Zoid's internals, but to provide an overall strengthening to the incredible pressures generated by its steam boiler. Some manner of partial Zoid core is used to keep the platform balanced, but nothing more. These "dummy" Zoid cores result in a strange Zoid that is not quite alive, but not quite dead.

A Gun Platform is typically crewed by an engineer/driver and a gunner. The command gondola on the Gun Platform can house more than just the crew, though, so the Zoid can also be utilized for other tasks. Both the Republic and Empire are endeavoring to capture one of these Zoids for study (this is because Mordu refuses to sell or donate a sample). The Empire has taken particular interest since the Gun Platform seems to be some sort of distant relative to the Killer Dome...

Construction Pictures:

Hand cut rivets applied to the hull after gun ports drilled into body. Unlike the ready-made rivets made by Wave that are used by Darth Smile, these are all scratch built. If only I had access to those ready made rivets! LOL The rivets are sanded down in the second pic. Note the holes drilled in to mount the gantry supports.

The hull bottom before painting.

Command Gondola construction from scratch. Holes were drilled into a cut piece of round styrene for the braces to go in. Then, styrene was twisted along the bottom to provide the walls. Rivets were cut and added on the sides. Rails were added next. Excess plastic was trimmed down and sanded. In the final picture, the Gun Platform starts to take shape...

Model Notes:

A Killer Dome was used to provide the top hull. All rivets were hand cut and sanded down to fit. The bottom of the hull was built with sheet styrene, Gundam parts, and other parts box miscellany. The legs were built from a child's toy. The command gondola is 100% scratch built from styrene sheets and tubes. The main color is Model Master Chrome Silver, darker color is Model Master Steel, guns are Humbrol Gun Metal. The roof is Testors copper. Wash of The Detailer black with a sealer of Testors Dullcoat. The figures are model railroad figures painted and weathered.

Approximate construction time: 45 hours.

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