RZ-BF-A(D) Bear Fighter Artillery Desert Type

This artillery variant of the Bear Fighter carries two long range plasma rifles on the back. These rifles, while not as powerful in explosive force as some of the weapons employed on larger Zoids, are nonetheless extremey accurate. The canopy has been changed from the open glass type to a solid type with parabolic sensor and radar tracking to aid in targetting of far away enemies.

To give the Bear Fighter some sorely needed close range firepower, two movable plasma shot guns have been mounted on the Bear Fighter's upper body. These guns are only accurate at fairly close range, but they provide a powerful blast against any near by enemies. Thanks to the nature of the weapon mounts, these guns can be deployed in both the four-legged and two-legged walking positions that the Bear Fighter can assume. With this combination of close range firepower and the Bear Fighter's heavy claws, this is a powerful Zoid from both near and far.

To better handle the additional weight of these wepaons, this artillery type has more powerful hydraulics in its legs. The draw back to these stronger components is that the artillery type loses about 20% of its speed from the standard type. Finally, to make the desert type work well in hot temperatures, there is a larger coolant system and the air conditioning for the cockpit has been boosted.

Lieutenant (JG) Cameron Steinmitz

Age: 23

The son of two defectors from the Guylos Empire, Cameron's parents always espoused personal freedom and creativity. Thus, from an early age, Cam has shown a fantastic artistic ability. He had already sold many of his works by the age of 16 and schools across Zi were clamoring for him to attend. Due to his frail nature (his hair turned white at seven), the thought of joining the military had never occured to anyone.

But at 18, join the Republic army he did, just barely squeaking by on his physical exam. His explanation to shocked family, friends, and artistic community was that he simply wanted to see if the battlefield could inspire new artistc visions in him. This rather simplistic, romantic explanation, was enough to satisfy his free thinking parents and they gave them his blessing.

Since that time, Cam has shown good aptitude for pin point accuracy with artillery. Despite being stationed in the desert, he feels cold all the time, and his long sleeved artillery tunic for colder climates has become his signature fashion. He rather enjoys his job since the nature of artillery keeps him and his Zoid, "The Friendly Bear", far away from the action. Because of this, he still carries a romantic image of combat and his "war paintings" have reflected that. The Republic army is one of his biggest buyers, using his art to put on recruitment posters and such.

Whether or not frontline combat will change his artistic views is an issue he hopes he never has to confront.

Model Notes: The artillery guns were sourced from a Gundam F-90 kit. The two front weapon mounts are Gundam arms with PVC tubing. The insides of the legs have been made "complete" by using sheet styrene. Hydraulics have been added to the ankle areas. The front hydraulics have a functioning rod that goes up and down with the movement of the front feet. Small hand rails have been added to the head to aid the pilot with ingress/ egress of the cockpit. Testors flat tan was used for the main body color, Testors light brown for the highlights, and Model Master steel and aluminum for the metal pieces. Approximate construction time: 25 hours.

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