Some of Cap'n Dade's Favorite Places


Travis Read

One of my best friends and a very talented character animator


Easily the coolest store in Central Florida. Designer toys and art!

Pencil Shavings

Jackie's little sister. Talented artist and web designer.


Creators of Cinema 4D, the best 3D CGI software I've ever used. Absolutely bullet-proof and amazingly fast. One of the best interfaces around and a mind boggling array of tools. Maxon itself is an awesome company with incredible tech and sales support.

Studio Cutepet

Talented creators of Peach Fuzz and various quality hentai. Lindsay and Jared are good folks.

Creative Insanity

Tilly's fun Zoids site featuring videos, translations, and pics!


Gang of wacky people I hang out with online.

Cosplay Lab

Great costumer, Professor Tomoe, with concise con reviews and pics.



Almost every car I've driven has been made by VW, including my beloved 2007 Rabbit.

VW Vortex

Great site covering all things VW including news and tuning.



Makers of the best computer on the planet.

Jennifer Lynn Hachigian's top notch site dedicated to 3D CGI rendered in a 2-D format.



No explanation needed for this timeless high quality toy.

Model Shipwrights

An excellent online source for ship modeling. A great gang of people and where I spend a lot of time.


Model Shipwrights' sister site dedicated to aircraft modeling.

Hobbylink Japan

The be all/ end all of ordering awesome stuff directly from Japan.


Makers of awesome paper thin decks made out of real wood for ship models.


A site dedicated to Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000- great info and talented members.

Panzer Museum in 1/15 & 1/16 Scale

Site of beautiful large scale Panzer models along with beautifully written descriptions of the tanks and their crews. Very exciting reading!

Perth Military Modelling

Great armor modelling reviews!

Missing Lynx

The source for AFV modeling.


The Onion

This parody news is more honest than most "real" news...

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