Dis Wars

You Will Submit

Produced for the film festival at Anime Weekend Atlanta 3 in 1997, Dis Wars is a parody of Evangelion, Disney corporate politics, and Star Wars. Watch in awe as the EPCOT Federated Army makes a last ditch attack on the mighty Dis Star! Thrill to the destruction of the Queen Esmereldas! Be on the edge of your seat as the Chicken Shaped Final Battle Weapon EVA-1776 faces off against the 52nd angel, Mickiel. Astute viewers will see a kitchen sink and a WW2 Hellcat in on the action.

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Dis Wars (1997) Specs:
Video:  320x240, 15fps, MPEG 4
Audio:  MP4 Sound
All visuals by Dade W. Bell.
Music is from Star Wars ©2013 Fox and Evangelion ©2013 Gainax
Software used:
Ray Dream Studio.
Adobe Premiere for editing.
Apple Power Macintosh 8100/80, 48MB.


All works on this page are ©2013 Dade W. Bell unless otherwise noted.