Comics & Animated Shorts

Over the years, I've worked on various little comics and animated shorts. Here are some them. While most of the comics are unfinished, I hope you enjoy what I've got so far. Note that for the animations, you'll need Quicktime. Click on the thumbnail to go to each page. Enjoy!

Animation Shorts:

Survival of The Fittest (1996)

Software: Ray Dream Studio

Note: This was my first complete animated short that wasn't just a bunch of small clips, but tried to have somewhat of a narrative. There are plenty of weird technical issues, but overall I was happy with it. This was my late mother's favorite of all my productions...

Dis Wars (1997)

Software: Ray Dream Studio

Anime Festival Orlando 2 Opening Animation (2001)

Software: Hash Animation: Master

Anime Festival Orlando 3 Opening Animation (2002)

Software: Hash Animation: Master

Gone (2005)

Entry for

Software: Maxon Cinema 4D

Travis Read modeled the Cadillac CTS-V.

History With Dade: Episode 1 "The Misadventures of Corporal Hitler" (2006)

Software: Maxon Cinema 4D

History With Dade: Episode 2 "The Russo-Japanese Jamboree" (2006)

Software: Maxon Cinema 4D


Forced Perspective (1997- incomplete)

Zoids: Captain Action #1 (2002 complete)

Zoids: Conflict of Memory Prologue (2003 complete)

Zoids: Conflict of Memory #1 (2003 complete) with Liner Notes


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