Welcome to the official web page of the Anime Festival Orlando3 Opening Animation.  This animated short was shown at AFO2 in the summer of 2002 at the con's opening ceremonies.  Below are some stills from the animation.  You can also find an animation clip below.  You'll need Quicktime 6 to view the clip.
-------Cap'n Dade Bell

Click Here To Watch The Movie!

AFO2 The Animation Specs:
Video:  320x240, 15fps, Quicktime 6.0, MPEG 4
Audio:  MP4 Sound
All visuals by Dade W. Bell with the opening space ship sequence by Paul Browder.
Music by Electric Light Orchestra. ©2002 Song title is "Julie Don't Live Here Anymore" from the ELO Album "Time (re-release version)".  This is in homage to the Daicon 4 opening animation where ELO's "Prologue" and "Twilight" were used.  Despite attempts to contact Epic/ Legacy for the rights to use this song, I've never heard back from them (like with AFO2).  Either way, this song is being used for a NON-PROFIT PURPOSE by a fan.
Software used:
Hash Animation: Master for all primary animation.
Infini-D and Strata Studio Pro for some backgrounds.
Adobe Premiere for editing.
Apple Power Macintosh G4/733 with 512MB of RAM.
Special thanks to Marshall and Martin Hash.


All works on this page are ©2013 Dade W. Bell unless otherwise noted.